Ziliani Service s.r.l. main core is the construction, maintenance, rapair and trade of equipments and vehicles for collection, transport, management and more generally all that relate to the waste logistics. Among our products you can find mobile floor or compacting semitrailers, presses and conveyor belts all especially designed to work with urban and industrial wastes. Some of our equipments are at work by many years and their condition can testify the reliability of our products.

We are also in the trade and repair of second hand semitrailers. If you want to buy or sell a second hand semitrailer please contact us.

Ziliani Service s.r.l.

Via Emilia Parmense Est, 31
29010 Pontenure (PC) Italy
Certified ISO 9001:2008
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mail: zilianiservice@gmail.com
Telephone: ++39 0523 510414
Fax: ++39 0523 519975

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Ziliani Service - Workshop
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Ziliani Service - Carpentry
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